Usages of Digital Signage Software

Usages of Digital Signage Software

Digital Signage software enables us to manage the own content digitally to the target audience. The software is the medium which makes a bridge between the multiple locations to communicate and exchange the message as per the pre-define needs. This medium enables us to publish the message very fast anytime and anywhere in the globe.

The internet is the basic requirement to perform this activity Retail and it’s very cost effective solutions and makes the organization generate ROI. Nowadays the everyone is looking for the software which makes the organization and corporate to work in the pace environment to popularize the advantage of the product and increase reach in the mass population, By using this software company have flexible to change their message any time anywhere with a fraction of time.

Hence we can say Digital signage android media player & signage software is playing a vital role in making the world digitally. This content management software is very user friendly and makes the user edit, modify, remove and insert the content very easily. This customize software made based on the current requirement which normally organization is facing difficulties to upload the content in multiple locations. It does not only save the time it’s also save the operation cost as well which is very futuristic approach and one time investments. This software is useful for lot of verticals like Railways, Malls, Retails, QSR, Airports, Hospitals, and Shops etc.

Types of Digital Signage’s-

  1. Cloud Signage’s- Android and Linux- Cloud-based Server controlling boxes over the internet. – Ideal for Multi-location installation.
  2. On Premise Signage’s– Signage Server installed over premise- for ex malls, banking via MPLS, Community centres.
  3. Enterprise Signage (LAN/Wi-Fi) – Digital Signage application with no server- All the applications are inside Media player. The limitation here is you have to schedule each box separately. It’s Ideal for Clubs, Bars, Hotel Lobby’s, restaurants, School who have typically 1-2 Signage boxes.
  4. Template Bases Signage’s– Digital Signage application with predestined templates- All the applications are inside Digital Signage Media player and the user only edits text and Images. The limitation here is you have to schedule each box separately and templates are designed. But it’s very easy to use and save a lot of times and templates designed by Designer are very attractive as your see in KFC and McDonalds.
  5. Department/Corporate Signage – Local Server Based- Ideal for enterprise where the playlist is scheduled and managed by different departments. It allows full screen- Landscape and portrait. It allows no scheduling. It manages a single active playlist.
  6. 2K Linux Signage– Plug and play signage which plays a wide range of video and image formats in Loop in Portrait and landscape mode by only plugging USB or SD card. The Smart TVs are not able to do portrait and show play Bar- It supports simultaneous HDMI and CVBS output- 2 screens can be run and can work 7 days a week. Ideal for shops, chemist, showrooms etc.
  7. BMTC Bus Arrival Signage– As suggested we are working on Bus Arrival- ETA signage with ADs- which is custom signage project which shows data constantly from an API and continuously fetches them plots them for showing information. Ideal for Forex, Bullions, Application Handling departments. Govt offices, Bus systems.
  8. Sensor Based Signage’s– Pressure, Proximity, and Motion-based Signage Solutions- Retail, VM Display.
  9. USB – Signage – USB Plug – Sync and Signage solutions -ideal for small chains and stand alone.
  10. Android TV Signage- Pro Sign live for PHILIPS TV.

Meeting Room Signage

Meeting Room Signage – For Clubs/Hotels/ Offices/Hospitals

  • Meeting Room- Manager- Integrated with Email server/ Meeting room booking for offices

 Hospitality App

Restaurant Menu App – with POS and Without POS.

  • Guest App – With CMS.
  • Efficiency Apps- For Hotels/Malls.

Kiosk Solutions /Interactive Touch Screens

Kiosk Solutions- Product Catalogue- Retail Brands, Jewellery, Furniture- Android.

  • Kiosk Solutions- Information Kiosk
  • Way-finding Kiosk- Malls Info, Directory, Way Finding, Video Wayfinding.
  • Government Signage’s