Outdoor LED Video Wall Display Solutions for Advertising, Billboard, Hoarding

P4 Outdoor LED video Wall
P4 Outdoor LED Video Wall

p5 led outdoor led video wall
P5 Outdoor LED Video Wall

p6 video wall outdoor
P6 Outdoor LED Video Wall

P8 Outdoor LED Display
P8 Outdoor LED Video Wall

P10 Outdoor LED Display
P10 Outdoor LED Video Wall

curtain led screen
Curtain LED Screen

Outdoor LED Video Wall Series Datasheet

Outdoor LED Video Wall

Outdoor LED Video Walls are compatible with every changing weather because they are designed with Dip-Tech glass technology. Dip-Tech glass technology is a finished arrangement comprising of high-accuracy advanced glass printers, enduring and energetic earthenware inks, and simple to utilize picture handling programming. Whether it is a day or night, the outdoor video wall is visible from a far distance just because of high dynamic quality and visibility. Video walls are gaining high popularity due to its ability to provide essential information, streaming live occasions, advancing, and showcasing your image. Pixel pitch for the outdoor video wall is P4 mm, P5 mm, P6 mm, P8 mm, P10 mm are best suited. Outdoor video walls are generally installed at a high location in India and should be designed in a way so that it is easy to repair and maintain.

Every model has different features on its own, There are many such models available in outdoor video wall Which make it different from others and its use in an organization takes you to the next level.

  • P4 mm Outdoor Video Wall: To achieve the best performance in outdoor LED display we use the best driving IC’s with high refresh rate and high grey level with latest technology. Doesn’t need an edge, born for outdoor fixed installation, save the cost of the steel structure.
  • P5 mm Outdoor Video Wall: Waterproof LED which is more suitable in outdoor areas. Best color uniformity and high brightness with high refresh rate. Best viewing angle reach to 160° horizontal and 120° vertical.
  • P6 mm Outdoor Video Wall: LED Display thickness is only 10mm. Thus saving space and packaging size. The weight of full panel is approx 32 kg. LED is flexible and smooth looking. Its features are different that allow quick and easy installation. It is completely waterproof.
  • P8 mm Outdoor LED Video Wall: We are offering a wide range of 8 mm outdoor video wall according to the client’s demand. It is easy to operate, high performance, high brightness and long life.
  • P10 mm Outdoor Video Wall: Perfect visual effect with the best balance between brightness and resolution. It is the most economical and rational solution for an outdoor presentation. It is the best choice for outdoor LED displays.

It is used mostly in Railway Station, Airports, Malls, Hotels, Supermarket, Shopping Centers, Stadium, Hoarding, Billboard, etc.

Benefits of Outdoor Video Wall

  • A win-win solution for stakeholders
  • Easy Maintenance of digital content on outdoor LED
  • Excellent viewing experience on LED display
  • More customer attraction
  • Complete waterproof

Technically, the best outdoor led video wall display billboard constitutes the following features in it-

Brightness – Outdoor led video wall brightness is different as compared to indoor LED video wall. The screen of an outdoor LED must be visible and the brightness should be as per the time of the day. The brightness should be tweaked at night and in the day its brightness should be high. The new generation of LED screens is offered by Visual Lead. The cost of consistency and brightness can be steeper, but it is a worthy investment that will have the best index of luminosity.

Weather-resistance – An outdoor LED video wall remains out of the shelter all the time so it becomes necessary for them to be weather-resistance especially rain-proof, lightning-proof, and heat-resistant. To ensure excellent heat dissipation, even during the hottest days of summer, Visual Led designs outdoor led displays that use proprietary resin treatment and high-efficiency electronics.

Energy-efficient – While broadcasting ads, LED displays are used specifically to raise revenues. It would lose profitability if electricity demand is too high since the running expense will be too costly.

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