Outdoor LED Wall

The Necessity of Outdoor LED Wall

In the past wall pictures, placards and posters were used by people for promotions, advertisements, and various other programs. In this modern technological world, everyone has switched from the still image to video and led displays. The display screen is not only appeals but also catches the eye of numerous people and the audience. Outdoor LED walls are designed in such a way to hold the attention of numerous audiences.

Outdoor LED Wall Display

Led video walls for outdoor are massive screens attached to walls for a panoramic view. This provides an improved viewing experience for the audience and helps in catching the viewer’s attention than any other medium of the display. Outdoor led video walls are designed with the assistance of DIP technology. That is the reason outdoor LEDs are suitable for any kind of weather. The main advantage of these led walls is that due to visibility and high vibrancy, the contents on the led video wall can be visible from a far distance during the day and night. These are mainly used for streaming live events, promoting and marketing brands, and providing informational messages. In this video savvy modern-day, led video walls are gaining popularity day by day.

Points to bear in mind when you choose an outdoor LED video wall-

Viewing capability- The pixel pitch, viewing distance, and viewing angle will be determined by the height at which the LED display is mounted. Outdoor displays begin at a P4 pixel pitch and go up to P10.  The pixel pitches of an outdoor led at a height of 15 to 20 feet should be p8 or p10.

Easy Maintenance- Outdoor LEDs are typically mounted at high positions in a manner that makes repair and maintenance simple. An ideal outdoor LED display cabinet contains both the front as well as back access for easy maintenance.

Consistent Display- Outdoor p10 flexible led video wall with IP54/IP65 are suitable for an outdoor installation as the outdoor LED displays are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Hence, they should adaptable.

Outdoor P10 Flexible LED Video Wall with IP54/IP65

The main features of these led walls are fissionable design, flexible and foldable, lightweight, high IP level, and various brightness levels available, slim body, flat, easy and fast installation. These led walls are very suitable for rental, stage design, and indoor and outdoor advertisement display. Due to its various features which make it easy to manage many people are using these types of led walls at present. Led walls are proven to be engaging, eye-captivating, highly successful, informative, and entertaining to customers. Hence the increase in popularity of led video walls especially outdoor ones used for events, exhibitions, advertising, etc.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Led Video Walls For Outdoor

While buying outdoor led displays there are some things the buyer should keep in mind.  Screen location heights define the pixel pitch, viewing angles, and distances. Always remember to choose from the best and according to the needs because that enhances customer experience. Outdoor LED Displays are usually installed at heights and high altitudes. The video wall cabinets should be designed in such a way that maintenance and repair are easy. Both front and back access to the cabinets are essential for easier upkeep. The outdoor led display screens are subjected to harsh and changeable weather conditions, so to achieve consistent show output, it must be rugged. IP54 or the IP65 rated displays are ideal ones for outdoor installations.

In this present modern day where things are moving too fast, people are running on with their busy lives, no one gets stopped by mere pictures or images. To attract people towards something it becomes necessary in using such attractive methods which in one look conveys what the whole thing is about. That is when inventions like led video walls come into use. There are many good led video wall manufacturers in India today producing good quality led video walls at reasonable prices. To make sure our concept reaches people it is necessary to spend on the product too.