led video wall for meeting room

How LED Video Walls are perfect for Conference Room and Meeting Room

The LEXA Stream video wall solution creates a spectacular backdrop with high picture quality and also covering the full stage length in the conference room and meeting rooms. And an edge-to-edge display that can cover the entire length of the stage. It has a narrow pixel pitch so that, it can deliver fantastic picture quality and you get an excellent return on most of your investment.

LED video wall Can be best suited for communication purpose

Video wall arrangements enable the power to communicate more effectively to convey our message to our audience, team-worker, and many more. These are commonly intended for requesting applications with high durability and severe execution necessity. From conveying data viably to improving the ambience. The video wall is an ideal supplement to any retail location, lobby, meeting room, or other expert applications. Video wall solutions for control room or network working focuses are critical. And there are numerous crucial elements engaged with choosing the correct arrangement.

One of the biggest reasons for the use of an LED video wall in the conference room. Because It brings the event to each and every people sitting in the room.

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Wall

Every pixel is produced using the three diodes and lessening the size of the individual. diodes have been a focal point of the LED technology players. While the first innovation was just utilized for outdoor establishments where the presentation was seen from a distance. So, Nowadays LED boards have indicated guarantee with finer pixel pitches.

meeting led wall

Features of LED Video Wall:

1) HD Pixel Pitch: LED Wall screens to have high pixel quality so that every audience able to see clearly from distance. And Also, develop more interaction among the audience and presenter.

2) Slim Design: Despite their large size fine pitch LED walls are designed to slim to reduce stress on the wall.

3) Easy Installation: We provide you with a complete installation with a one-click control solution. And without messy cables, we provide wireless solutions for your meeting room.

4) Powerful Presentation Tool: Designed for small to large-sized meeting rooms without the need for cables. Easy file share between your device and the presentation screen. So that, Multi-window with more engaging capacity. Without any interruption, your presentation will go.

Choose the solution wisely

Lexa Stream provides a leading solution to your requirement. Our team with experience in having a complete setup of the video wall to your meeting room and conference room.

Audiences are smarter nowadays as they want a better and easy way of promotion and communication. The people around the world demand better quality and innovative methods for the promotion of products and services offered by businesses around the world. So, it is necessary to select the screen with the extra attention that is used in the project. As clarity matters with the bad picture quality audience may not find any interest. Clarity is considered the most important factor while choosing a video wall.