P1.25 mm LED Video Wall
P1.25 LED Video Wall
P1.5 led video wall display
P1.5 Indoor Video Wall
P1.6 Indoor LED Display
P1.6 Indoor Video Wall
p1.8 led video wall display
P1.8 Indoor Video Wall
P2.0 Indoor Video Wall
P2.5 Indoor LED Display
P2.5 Indoor Video Wall
P3 Indoor LED Display
P3 Indoor Video Wall
P4 Indoor LED Display
P4 Indoor Video Wall
led video wall for conference room/hall
Video Wall for Conference Room
Meeting Room LED Video Wall-Solution
LED Video Wall for Meeting Room
Delhi metro rail corporation, metro bhawan auditorium video wall screen
LED Video Wall for Auditorium
shopping malls video wall
LED Video Wall for Shopping Malls

Indoor LED Video Wall

Indoor LED video wall is a multi-screen display that is made by connecting multiple screens together to display a larger image or windows of multiple images. The latest technology used to create a video wall is an Active LED. LED video wall is the best way to take a meeting, presentation.

Indoor LED video wall is available in different pixel pitch

P1.25, P1.5, P1.6, P1.8, P2.0, P2.5, P3.0, P4.0, and P5.0 mm video wall solutions for different locations like an auditorium, conference room, meeting room, boardroom, control and command room, etc. with high quality as quality matters for us.

Tips that we keep in mind when we install a video wall in your organization:

  • Know the resolution requirement of your company.
  • Before buying need a software manager so that he/she maintains a video wall easily.
  • Check that if your system is affected by environmental changes.
  • Your system is fully supported and protected with the virus and anything else.

Indoor LED Video Wall For:

  1. Indoor LED Video Wall for Auditorium
  2. Indoor LED Video Wall for Meeting Room and Hall
  3. Indoor LED Video Wall for Conference Room and Hall
  4. Indoor LED Video Wall for Boardroom
  5. Indoor LED Video Wall for Control and Command Room
  6. Indoor LED Video Wall for Huddle Room
  7. Indoor LED Video Wall for Stadium
  8. Indoor LED Video Wall for Seminar Hall

A decade ago, people think that indoor LED video walls cost arm and leg but because of technological advancements, it is not much expensive. Gone are the days when these LED video walls were seen in some grand malls, stadiums, or casinos. Now technology has bridged the gap between gadgets and costs. Indoor LED walls today are used tremendously and have hugely developed. It has become accessible by various large as well as small businesses and people are employing this in their brick and mortar buildings such as retail shops, clubs, pubs, hotels and restaurants, Auditorium, and many others. In India, you can now easily purchase indoor LED Video walls for Auditorium, Stadium, Seminar Hall, Huddle Room, Conference room, and Meeting hall.

LED Video Walls and their popularity?

Let us first have a quick understanding of what they are before diving deep into the use and benefits of a LED video wall. LED is a term used for a light-emitting diode. It is a semiconductor and composed of two lead light sources. To build digital signage and large displays, LEDs have been commonly used as they are very versatile and can emit and generate light themselves. To show the information, the LED panel has a range of Direct Views LED displays operating together as one device. An indoor LED wall can bring massive improvement and change in the picture quality and efficacy of backdrop display screens where they are installed. LED video walls will revolutionize projection screens in auditoriums, meeting halls, and other places and give the viewer a vastly enhanced experience, from dedicated film screening auditoriums to large stage complexes built for popular and classical culture displays and music concerts.

Indoor LED video wall usage

Indoor LED Video Wall for Auditorium

Amid an exhibition, lecture, or other meeting, areas like conference centres, or an auditorium are typically full of people and it is necessary for halls that the person who took a seat in the last row should be able to look at what is displayed what is said otherwise that the very point of holding a seminar will be missing. The size of an auditorium is 3000 people, so the event can only be effective if everyone gets to see and hear what’s going on, and you need an LED screen wall for the auditorium to get that right.

LED video wall is suitable for auditorium streaming movies as well as traditional and classical culture displays and music concerts. With the use of LED video walls, dedicated large stage complexes built for such shows will bring about serious improvements in the image quality and operating performance of backdrop display screens. These projection screens will explain groundbreaking improvements to the way auditoriums provide rapidly discernible viewers with the highest quality content and viewing experience.

The indoor LED video wall for an auditorium comes with a variety of features like a lightweight cabinet, superb image quality, easy maintenance, and swift installation. The display of these indoor LED auditorium video walls is immense and the image quality is outstanding to guarantee that your crowd doesn’t miss a single aspect of what’s going on stage no matter how far they’re seated. In comparison, the auditoriums are very brightly lit in most situations, so you need a very bright show to have the perfect image quality of what’s going on the stage. The indoor LED video wall for an auditorium is strong and durable.

Indoor LED Video Wall for Meeting Room and Hall/Conference Room and Hall

A conference room is probably the most important environment of any company since it is the location where workers exchange thoughts, inventions arise and agreements are made between them. There are some criteria for a meeting room that encourages contact between entities and makes it easier to exchange ideas. A video wall’s advantage is that it can absorb signals from a range of sensors and play high-resolution video. On the wall, and with much more visibility, gadgets such as laptops, cable boxes, cameras, etc. will all be played. It’s all the right contact; the key purpose of a conference room is to have a setup that makes communication easy so that everyone knows what you’re talking about and various forms of the meeting will be held in the room and the conference room and you want a forum that fits all sorts. A brainstorming session is different from the involvement of members or a lecture, but you need a platform for contact that caters to everybody. That’s where an indoor LED video wall for the meeting room will come in handy.

These walls are designed to provide the right view and display of the content for the conference and meeting. The wall will collect content from a range of devices such as PCs, cable TV, laptops, Mac Book, and more. An indoor LED video wall connects with the entire devices easily and you can stream videos and content easily that allows a better environment for learning and understanding. You may use various other choices to bring more elegance to the meeting room, like using various types of mounts. The program mounted in the Conference Room/Meeting Room LED Video Wall makes for an easy-to-use interface with an intuitive slide approach.

Indoor LED Video Wall for Boardroom

Selecting the right indoor LED video wall for the boardroom is a time-consuming affair as this is a place where the meeting’s entire attention is. The emergence of LED walls has changed the way of holding meetings, conferences, and board meetings. The role of a rightly placed indoor LED wall is essential in the boardroom. The reason people prefer to have an indoor LED video wall for the boardroom is that the LED comes with a high-resolution display powered by a strong encoding system. You get powerful output and interface due to this sophisticated device running behind the video monitor which is beyond the potential of a plain, basic solution. A video wall has a collection of screens and with any additional monitor, the overall screen resolution improves. This allows a much wider viewing area and a much better resolution for the recording. These screen screens have an upper hand over a projector and other equipment, such as the display surface, can be extended without losing the quality of the video.

Indoor LED Video Wall for Control and Command Room

Indoor LED video wall is a significant part of the modern lifestyle of the businesses. They are used in almost every sphere and the control room and command room are not apart of this revolution. Control Rooms are mission-critical settings where the most secure and high-performing equipment relies on surveillance, emergency management, command procedures, or process control. Operators need tools in these settings to improve their decision-making. A core feature of the technological platform of a control room is modular, ultra-high-resolution screen walls and large format screens, offering sharp data clarity and the ability to view it most efficiently. From ground activities to space flight control, Command and Control Centers act as essential decision-making centres for coordinating high-priority missions. Command and Control staff requires access to real-time visual analytics designed for visibility and interpretation to provide peak operational and logistical help. High-resolution transparent video walls produce sharp, vividly visible content that scales around the whole frame, raising understanding of circumstances and motivating decisions.

Indoor LED Video Wall for Huddle Room

Huddle rooms may also require indoor LED video walls to display content better to the audience. Huddle rooms are the result of modern demographics and finances. These rooms are like conference halls and meeting rooms but they occupy less space and meetings are convenient in these rooms. Huddle rooms are an important part of the organization, space where ideas are exchanged, performances are shared. Any space wants a display that would be a great canvas to highlight these items, and it is better to have indoor LED video walls.

Indoor LED Video Wall for Stadium

LED walls have gained enormous popularity. As the LED video wall technology continues to grow and develop, so does its use in different sectors. Numerous industries are willing to use this new technology to attract new customers and increase the footfall, not only for businesses, but this technology is also widely used in private viewing homes, but one sector that has made maximum use of LED Video Walls is stadiums. They are using it for better display and output quality as the telecasters have to show the match to a huge number of audiences. It is easier than ever to establish a contact in public spaces, no matter how busy they are, and all thanks go to this Stadium LED video wall as they are used to connect with the large public through diverse industries and organizations. Companies also use them to hold workshops and organize conferences.

A Stadium LED video wall consists of a host of display units that are connected as one to create a wider display. This video wall arrangement makes it possible to give more information to view and interpret. What brings more importance to this is the fact that it is possible to show this knowledge in many ways. This is a multi-purpose instrument that can be used to view details in the meal; it can easily be customized to serve different functions, such as arrival and departure of a train and promotional goods or menu.

Indoor LED Video Wall for Seminar Hall

An indoor LED video wall for the seminar hall is a handy tool that assists you in making your seminar successful. The wall in your seminar will help your attendees to view and see the displayed content properly. The wall can help you in accommodating numerous people at one time. In the class or seminar hall, a big LED display encourages everyone to see what’s going on. For the trainer, who may either run PowerPoint from his or her laptop or uses the school or company’s other presentation solutions, the approach is quick to use.

The latest trend is the LED video wall, a device that is pushing its way forward and becoming a boom. The answer to why this technology is a booming success is its ability to deliver flawless high-resolution videos, excellent optical features that make viewing a video a fun experience that keeps video quality unchanged when viewed from any angle. If you are looking for a quality indoor LED video wall supplier, contact us. The most important thing about LED is its usefulness, the degree to which it can be used such that the device can be a true value for money whether you use it for business or in your private room. We lead the market and provide indoor LEDs at affordable prices. From choosing the right LED to installing it and making it work, we do everything in the right manner. So, before buying an indoor LED video wall for any business or personal use, it is better to consider the advantages and other pre-requisites.

Features of Indoor video wall:

  • Lightweight cabinet
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Superb image quality

LED is the prevailing innovation utilized in full-shading open-air show boards. In any case, as of not long ago, there has not been widespread use of this innovation for comparable indoor applications due to the accessibility of other contending advances.

Here are a few things you can do with the Indoor LED video wall presentation:

  • Show yield, for instance:
  • Up to the moment production data.
  • Genuine industry manufacturing figures.
  • Examinations against an objective or a past period.
  • Results for the business all in all.
  • Units created every moment, hour, day, machine, group, or individual at ordinary interims.

Displays your manufacturing status

  • Alert you to any industry manufacturing issues, for instance, checking reject rates and contrasting them with the target or past actuals.
  • Record any stoppages on a creation line, maybe in a shrouded page that you call up later for cross-examination.
  • Demonstrate the status of your occupations progressively.
  • Security status or a condition of caution.
  • Remotely grill data put away in the showcase’s memory.

Helps in displaying the important notifications or industry announcements

  • Make customary or one-off declarations.
  • Show messages of salutation for remarkable execution.
  • Timekeeping updates.
  • Changes to working examples, shifts, additional time, and so forth.

It is demonstrated with the establishment of LED video wall India shows frameworks for manufacturing plants, that if your workforce is continually being appeared gainful or how ineffective they are by and large then it supports their resolve when they are progressing nicely and urges them to work that smidgen harder when figures are down. Driven presentation sheets that show target – genuine figures to the workforce work in all respects viably.

Anytime a declaration can be appeared on the drove showcase boosting their confidence without interrupting the execution figures. Huge numbers of the electronic sign sheets in the picture exhibition show how figures can be effectively perused, diverse hues can be utilized all around viably to demonstrate whether effectiveness is up or down.

Numerous programmable indoor LED video wall display sign shows over the plant floor can be connected and arranged to the equivalent or show diverse creation figures relying upon the manner in which the industry manufacturing lines are set up and how you need them to be transmitted. The decision is yours, we can compose programming to meet with your care needs.

LEXA Stream Manufacturers, the leading manufacturer of indoor LED video walls.

Why choose LEXA Stream:

  • At LEXA we have over years involvement in the field of LED shows, electronic signs, and data show frameworks
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  • Minimal effort scope of LED shows is accessible from our online website.

Thus, simply call our team of professionals who will help in providing you the best LED indoor experience for your manufacturing concern. It will further help in streamlining your production process. Which will bring a lot of benefits for your concern such as:

  • Improve your revenue base
  • Improves your business reputation
  • Helps in completing your orders on and well before the delivery dates
  • Improves your customer satisfaction rate
  • Bring sustainability to your business growth
  • Helps in motivating employees to achieve your long term business goals

LED display system is an integrated solution that contains a huge number of resolutions. These are not the only places for an indoor LED wall to display. Any of the businesses can use these walls and the usage varies as per the business. Hotels, bars, restaurants are a high footfall place and an owner would like to improve the number of visitors and raise sales regardless. As it is eye-catching and mood-setting, a hotel or a restaurant is the best place to put up a digital signboard. You ought to set the mood correctly for the consumers in those locations so that your hotel or restaurant brand rises at a great rate. There are infinite possibilities for the LED video wall for clubs/pubs/restaurants/hotels when you can use it to attract your clients or promote your brand to drive traffic. For example, a multimedia monitor may be set up for many uses in a hotel lobby, such as hosting visitors, introducing classes to the grounds, directing and educating them about the hotel and other tourism areas, etc. Other platforms do not provide the kind of effect that an indoor LED video wall would have in such locations. It can be shown as a rare work of art that never ceases to draw publicity.

Thus, don’t wait now and simply call our experts at the number available at lexastream.com.