Difference between Indoor and Outdoor LED Display

Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor LED Display

LED displays are the best thing when it comes to show a larger audience some information and capture their attention. An LED Display is a panel that displays the document with the use of small light-emitting diodes. In general, LED displays can be categorized into two categories: indoor and outdoor LED displays, which can fulfil the requirements of anybody looking for an energy-efficient way to pass their message to a large target market.  For clients or audiences, LED signs are meant to draw them to the services or goods and make business famous. Advertising is the most critical job to do for any organization. Indoor and outdoor use two types of LED signs, all work purposes are the same only to draw buyers and stay involved in the show and organization.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor LED Display Difference

Outlook & Appearance

Appearance is one of the noticeable distinctions from which an indoor LED panel and an outdoor screen monitor can be easily differentiated. For outdoor uses, the larger one is also used as highway banners, in arenas, and public festivals because of the larger scale. Inside worship places, restaurants, malls, offices, conference halls, and retail outlets, indoor LED screens are commonly used.


Undoubtedly, the brightness is one of the noticeable distinctions between the indoor LED display panel and the outdoor LED screen. Outdoor LED screens give many times more brightness than indoor LED devices. One can easily see the difference when a regular LED will be placed outside. Uninviting darkness, which would undoubtedly irritate the spectator, would emerge. The indoor video wall screens are less bright as compared to outdoor screens.

Weather conditions resilience

The indoor LED displays are and outdoor LED displays have a great difference in terms of weather conditions absorption. The outdoor LED displays are designed in a way that works in extreme weather conditions. The outdoor LEDs are generally leak-proof dust-proof, anti-sunlight, anti-lightening and water-proof, and so on.

Pixel Pitch

A further differentiating factor between outdoor and indoor display LEDs is the pixel pitch. Indoor screens have a pixel pitch similar to them. The pixel pitch requirement for outdoor displays, however, is comparatively poor.


As compared to indoor LED display, outdoor LED panel screens are usually seen from greater distances, so they have a smaller resolution. Outdoor displays have a greater pixel pitch and a lower resolution, whereas indoor displays that need a high resolution for easy viewing have a smaller pixel pitch.

The above listed are not the only differences there are more in the queue.