Curtain LED

Curtain LED Screen – Rental Transparent LED Display

Rental Transparent LED Display

The curtain LED is one unique style customized by LEXA Stream led special for the high-level rental display field, beautiful shape, lightweight, transparent and quick installation are its most important features.

The ATR-U rental series adopts standardized cabinet design, which has high installation convenience and can be quickly installed, disassembled and transported.

This series is mainly used in theater stage, large-scale performances, high-end entertainment discos, fashion, conferences, TV studios, temporary large-scale events such as concepts, theme parks, and exhibition.

Simple Appearance

Simple geometric design the whole cabinet is cut by geometric shape with the black and white color area of the runway as the visual content and the appearance is beautiful;

Highly transparent, the screen surface is smooth, beautiful and stylish;

Standardized 500mm*1000mm cabinet, ultra-thin design edge thickness is only 48mm.

Plug Module; Quick Assembly

Changing the original cable connection design, the power module adopts plug-in connection to shorten the installation time, realize quick disassembly and assembly, and provide greater convenience for maintenance. No tools are required, and it takes only 8s for a single person to complete the cabinet splicing, which truly realizes the installation of rental LED display.

Wide Viewing Angle Invisible Build-in cable Design

Free steel structure installation, support for hosting loading, fixed installation ways; verticle and the horizontal viewing angle is up to 160°, while AuroLED’s unique down-tilt LED welding technology can make the screen downward viewing angle is increased by 6°.

The power cable + signal cable adopts built-in design. The whole screen can be installed without seeing the external leakage connection line. The screen body is more concise and beautiful and maintains high permeability.

Rental Transparent LED Display – ATR-C Series

The rental series ATR-C is an LED transparent screen rental product that is different from ATR-U series. It is also light and transparent.

The ATR-C rental cabinet adopts the common horizontal design. The standard size is 1000*500mm, and the thickness of the cabinet is only 46mm. It has high installation convenience and can be quickly installed, disassembled and transported.

Curtain LED Screen/ Rental Transparent LED Display Specifications:

Brand Name LEXA Stream
Model No. ATR-U ATR-C
Pixel pitch (mm) H: 3.9mm; V: 7.81mm H: 3.91mm; V: 7.81mm
Resolution 32768 dots/m2 32768 dots/m2
Cabinet Dimension 500mm*1000mm*48mm 1000mm*500mm*46mm
Cabinet Resolution 128dots * 128dots 256dots * 256dots
Cabinet Material Aluminum Aluminum
Weight 7kg/cabinet 7kg/cabinet
Transparency 74% 74%
Brightness 5500cd/m2 1500cd/m2 5500cd/m2
Max. Power Consumption 800W/m2 400W/m2 800W/m2
Avg. Power Consumption 300W/m2 150W/m2 300W/m2
Refresh Rate ≥ 1920Hz
Grey Scale 16 Bit
Viewing Angle H: 160˚ ; V: 160˚
Maintenance Front Maintenance
IP Rating IP40
Input Voltage AC 100~240V 56~60Hz
Working Temperature 40~40˚C


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