Curtain LED Display

All About The Curtain LED Display Screens

Curtain LED display is ideal for indoor stage rental and fixed application. Reasonable for gatherings, shows, appears, presentations, and so on. The presentation’s aluminum strip configuration makes it light in weight, taking into consideration snappy establishment. It can show a wide range of recordings just as enchanting special visualizations.

Highlights of the Curtain LED screens are:

  • Perfect for the Indoor use, for both rental and fixed establishment application;
  • Offers High-quality pictures
  • Provides Wide seeing edge;
  • Lightweight, speedy establishment;
  • Available in customized sizes and lovely shapes;
  • Compatible with information sources: S-Video, Composite, YUV, RBG, SDI, HKSDI, Data SVI up to SXGA ;
  • Suitable for stage hanging establishment and indoor fixed establishment.
  • With the change in the latest displaying technology, Curtain LED display screen works as an essential promoting and media tool.

LED video wall screen plan idea is the LED straightforward screen structure and glass shade divider framework consolidated to finish the structure imaging framework. Driven window ornament divider screen dependent on LED material showcase innovation, interactive media innovation and an outside picture of the aesthetic structure imaginative viewpoint, combined with sound and picture plan components, comprise another blind divider work of art. Since the presentation foundation is straightforward, you can make the publicizing screen to the suspension of the glass divider in the inclination, with great promoting and aesthetic impact.

LED curtain divider screen utilized in business structures, lodgings, business road, airplane terminal, chain stores, and different glass windows and different events.

facade led display

LED curtain wall screen guideline

LED curtain wall screen guideline is made out of LED dab grid, through the red, green and blue light dots off to demonstrate the content, pictures, movement, video, the substance can be supplanted whenever the different parts are the particular structure of the showcase gadget. Ordinarily by the showcase module, control framework, and power framework segments. The control module by controlling the relating zone of the light off, you can make the screen show content, pictures, video, and other substance; control framework is in charge of the info voltage and current to LED shading screen required voltage and current.

LED curtain wall screen advantage

With a light weight, light transmission, quick establishment, etc.

The LED glass shade divider with over 75% of the penetrability, high viewpoint impact, to guarantee that the glass veneer, windows lighting necessities and review point run, to guarantee that the first LED lighting drape divider lighting capacity; Light just 12KG/㎡ or somewhere in the vicinity; brilliance to indicate outside 6000 ~ 7500nit survey needs; 1920Hz over the revive rate without changing the structure, simple upkeep: LED light bar can be separately removable support, concealed association; no steel structure, spare a great deal Installation and upkeep costs.

At present, Curtain LED screen structure and glass window ornament divider framework, notwithstanding thinking about the attributes of the structure, yet in addition to settle the primary separation from the sensible, common lighting, picture quality necessities related issues.

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