active led video wall

Pitch Your Target Audience with Active LED Video Wall

Digitalization has touched all the fields and now we have a product like an LED video wall. It comprised of a direct-view LED display. It is also known as DV and works together to display the content on the active LED display screen. A display wall is a specific multi-monitor arrangement composed of several computer displays, video projectors, or TV sets that are adjacent or overlapping together to create a single wide frame. Often, in control rooms, arenas, and other large public venues, screen walls are noticed.

What is an active LED video wall?

LED video walls are in the limelight these days and are very useful in most industries.It tends to improve company-customer interaction. Through the use of  the active LED display, there are countless possibilities and marketing prospects in this creative business age. A display wall is a specific multi-monitor arrangement. It is composed of several computer displays, video projectors that are overlapping together to create a single wide frame.

LCD panels, direct vision LED arrays, blended projector boards, Laser Phosphor Projections, and rear projection cubes are common display technologies. To reduce the distance between active display zones, displays primarily built for use in video walls normally have thin bezels. They are installed with long-term serviceability in mind. These displays also provide the requisite hardware to stack similar displays together with daisy chain power connections, and order signals between screens.

Why choose LED?

LED stands for light-emitting diode. Compared to incandescent light sources, LEDs have many benefits.It including decreased energy consumption, longer life, better physical power, smaller scale, and quicker switching. They are also slightly more energy-efficient and have few environmental issues associated with their disposal, arguably.

  • Personalized, seamless displays of any scale are possible with a LED.
  • Achieve a perfect black base on the LED.
  •  LEDs are much safer than LCD panels since they are smaller and slimmer in weight.
  • LEDs also help to absorb less vitality and a lot of strength is retained.
  • By enhancing the difference and advancing the spectrum of colors, LEDs have splendid picture quality.
  • Video walls of LED displays may be structurally constructed. It take circular and hollow, curved, or oval shapes, upgrading the look and environment.
  • The wavelength range of the lighting used is to such a degree that high calibration is given.
  • The panel of these LEDs creates a glint-free vision that decreases eye irritation, eye strains, and cerebral pains.
  • In comparison to LCDs, they have a long life of up to 1, 00,000 hours.
  • Driven shows have benevolent and quick to use requirements.
  • LEDs are highly efficient in presenting an answer and also by regulating their brilliance and shading.

Lexa tends to serve an indoor LED video wall that is available in different pixel pitch like P1.25, P1.5, P1.6, P2.0, P2.5, P3.0, P4.0, and many more. The video wall solutions differ depending on the location of the installation of an active LED video wall. Lexa is a leader in LED manufacturers. Lexa active led video wall comes with two kinds- indoor and outdoor.It comes with a variety of pixel pitch, features, and configurations.

What to consider while choosing a video wall?

Location – If it is an indoor or an outdoor LED video wall, the location matters. The most where the LED video wall should be mounted. The scale, shape, pixel pitch, resolution, price, etc. are calculated based on this.

Size – Keep the area of your indoor or outdoor room in mind when selecting the size of the video wall. Large LED displays will be needed for outdoor locations. As the viewing distance will be larger, whereas medium-sized LED displays will be ideal for indoor spaces.

Structure –The layout for each LED screen varies and involves tailored manufacturing according to its available size and space. For various places, there are different types of structures available. such as wall mounting, stand-alone, suspended frame, etc.

Content – In deciding the LED screen view, content plays an enormous role. The LED video wall should be a 4K compliant if you want to play 4K HD quality content. If a person needs to see commercials, then the right displays for it are digital billboards.

Credibility –Its important to ensure that LED video wall is of high quality before purchasing an LED video wall from any supplier. After the LED video wall is done with a quality review by the Bureau of Indian Standards. A BIS certification is given to each supplier.

Maintenance – Choosing a provider that offers LED video wall assistance as well as on-time repair service is a must. The supplier itself should have the life cycle on how well the LED video wall is protected.It should also restored to the standard of the chip.