LX-UF10 P10 LED Display

LX-UF10 P10 LED Video Wall for Outdoor

  • Module Waterproof
    Protection level IP65, doesn’t need an edge, born for outdoor fixed installation, save the cost of the steel structure.
  • Fast Front-Maintenance
    Insert the front maintenance hole with tools; rotate it gently and counter-clockwise to open; removed the module gently.
  • The Maintenance of Power Box
    Open the lock with the key to open the power cabinet; gently open the power supply cover.
  • Front Service
    Totally front maintenance available.

Model No: LX-UF10

LX-UF10 P8 Pixel Pitch Specification:

LX-UF10 Specification
Pixel Pitch (mm):P10
Physical Density (dot/m²):10000
LED Type:SMD3535
Module Size (mm * mm):200*400
Horizontal Viewing Angle (Deg):140
Vertical Viewing Angle (Deg):UP20◦ Down60◦
Brightness (cd/m²):5500-6500
Gray Scale:14
Refresh Rate (Hz)≥1920
Maximum Cabinet Power Consumption (W):1000(1200*1200)
Average Cabinet Power  Consumption (W):400(1200*1200)
Cabinet Size (mm * mm):1200*1200*105
Cabinet Weight (± 0.25kg):38(1200*1200)
Cabinet Resolution (PX * PX)120*120(1200*1200)
Input Voltage (AC):110-220V
Waterproof Level :  Front  IP6
Back IP54
Working Environment :Outdoor
Installation MethodFixed installation

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